Resources for writers

Blogs, documents, and lists of resources for

those practicing the craft of writing

All writing is a craft. Even seasoned social scientists struggle to organize their ideas on the page so that their words have impact. Earning a doctorate does not automatically mean that you have cracked the code. One thing I realized after my PhD was that there are mountains of writing resources in the world, not just for academic writing, but for those writing in all genres. In fact, during the Covid-19 pandemic lock-down I have learned that many of the tools used by memoir and fiction novelists also apply nicely to academic writing, even if it takes some creative interpretation.

Thus, this page is going to house an ongoing list of resources of all sorts, including podcasts, blogs, and advice I've compiled on my own path. I hope that you find some of it useful!


Cameron, Julia. 2002. The artist's way: A spiritual path to higher creativity

Gilbert, Elizabeth. 2016. Big magic: Creative living beyond fear. Penguin Publishing Group.

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Inframethodology by the resident writing consultant at the Copenhagen Business School Libarary, Thomas Basbøll.

The Thesis Whisperer, a blog written by Professor Inger Mewburn, director of resarcher development at The Australian National University.


Christine Kloser's Get your book done.