Research Resources

Are you doing research in Istria or Croatia?

This page will grow to have a lot of links and documents for social science researchers doing research in either Istria or Croatia, particularly related to agricultural politics or economic issues. Please be in touch if you find this useful! I would love to create a community similar to that which I created around the 'anthropology of tax', creating a networker page that has generated new projects and collaborations of all sorts.

And be in touch!

Journal databases

Hrčak, the main Croatian portal for scientific journals

News sites

Glas Istre, the major Istrian daily newspaper

Večernji list, a major national newspaper

Jutarnji list, a major national newspaper, an online newspaper

Naša Bujština, a small Istrian regional newspaper

Books on Istria by social scientists

Ashbrook, John. 2008. Buying and selling the Istrian goat: Istrian regionalism, Croatian nationalism, and EU enlargement. Brussels: Peter Lang Books.

Ballinger, Pamala. 2003. History in exile: Memory and identity at the borders of the Balkans. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.


Istrapedia, the Istrian Encyclopedia

The Istrian Tourist Board, Istrian tourism site

Acta Croatica, Croatian document archive

Research projects and institutions

Unwanted Heritage: Remembering and Forgetting Industry in Istria

Centre for Cultural and Historical Research of Socialism (CKPIS), Univ. of Pula

The Institute of Ethnology and Folklore Research, Zagreb

Connecting Collections: Cultural Opposition, Understanding the Cultural Heritage of Dissent in the Former Socialist Countries

Institute for Anthropological Research, Zagreb

Croatian State Archives, Zagreb